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Hi thanks for visiting my website. My name is Iain Smith and I've been conducting driving instructor training courses in Preston for well over 38 years. If you would like to be a driving instructor then come and train on one of my driving instructor training courses in Preston and after qualifying you're guaranteed a placement under one of my two driving schools. I'm the owner and company director of both Preston Driving School Ltd which is one of the oldest independent driving schools in Preston and also Students Driving School which covers most of Lancashire. At present we have a team of 40 driving instructors covering Preston, Chorley, Leyland, Blackpool, and Blackburn.

Call or Text me on 07789 072 422

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Preston Driving School Ltd
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Students Driving School
(A branch of Preston Driving School Ltd)

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Call or Text me on 07789 072 422


How I normally do things...

I train people to become instructors mainly as a recruitment of new instructors for my own schools at Preston Driving School Ltd and from its branch name of Students Driving School, however I can also train people who may wish to be independent and start their own school. 
All my instructor training is based on a 'pay as you go' basis at an hourly rate of £45 per hour. 
Your training can be arranged as either full or part time, this can be particularly useful if you wish to train around the timings of your current job.

My training vehicle is the Nissan Qashqai 1.5 diesel. This is a fantastic car to train in, it's a very smooth responsive car and fitted with a host of features including, air conditioning, built in satellite navigation system, lane control, front and rear cameras, cruise control, six gears, dual controls and good all round visibility. 



Up to now I've had 3 fantastic careers

Here's a glimpse of my driving and teaching history 

Soldier in the British Army
I joined the Army at a very early age and they taught me how to drive. After passing the basic L test I went on to pass the class one heavy goods vehicle test. As a soldier the Army gave me the opportunity to gain valuable experience in driving a large variety of different vehicles including, trucks, tracked vehicles and armoured vehicles.

Heavy goods vehicle driver
After leaving the Army I became a long distance lorry driver working for a local firm doing general haulage, this meant I was driving large articulated trucks all over the country collecting and delivering near enough everything and anything. It was while doing this job that I got my first insight into teaching driving when I was given the opportunity to train a new driver in how to drive an articulated truck and pass his Class 1 Heavy Goods Vehicle Test, which he did on his first attempt, this got me thinking about driving tuition as a career and the rest is history.

Driving Instructor / Trainer
As a driving instructor there are many ways of measuring your success, some instructors go to great lengths to collect certificates and awards from various organisations, however although they may look good on paper the truth is that some of these awards are not always a true measure of how good a trainer actually is. I always measure my skills, knowledge and experience by what I have done and achieved over the last 38+ years. Firstly as a learner driver instructor I have taught thousands of people to drive safely. Secondly as a trainer of driving instructors I have successfully trained many hundreds of people to become good quality driving instructors many of which are now operating locally either under my two driving school names or they are running their own driving school. I have also trained quite a number instructors to become ADI trainers and also five of my instructors that have gone on to become DVSA Driving Examiners at our local test centres..  


How driving instructors are graded        100%

The DVSA grading system

Every driving instructor in the country must undergo regular checks by the DVSA (previously known as the DSA) these checks are a measure of how good a particular instructor is in the opinion of the DVSA. In previous years driving instructors were given a grading from 1 to 6 with grade 6 being the highest grade. Approximately only about 7% of instructors were awarded with a grade 6. However this grading system has now altered to a much simpler system known as grade A, B or C with grade 'A' being the highest grade.

My gradings from the DVSA...
In my career as a driving instructor in Preston I have undergone six Check Tests (these are now called Standards Checks) I received the grade 6 on every test including in every category on each test. I have also been awarded a Grade 'A' on the Standards Check where I received the maximum marks of 51 out of 51.

My history on the ORDIT register...
I've been on the Ordit register since 2003. One of the conditions of being on the register is that you undergo bi-annual inspections from a specialist DVSA Examiner. On my inspections in 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017 I gained a Grade 6 with every category being recorded in the highest section. In 2019 the DVSA altered the Ordit grading system. It then became compulsory that only Grade A driving instructors could actually apply to be on Ordit, they also made it compulsory that you must pass your Ordit inspection at a Grade A level, they also changed the inspection intervals from bi-annual to 4 yearly. My next inspection was then in 2019 which I passed at the Grade A level. 
Please Note: When you attend for either of your practical exams known as Part 2 and Part 3 your examiner will ask you at the start of your exam if you are training with an Ordit trainer.

All of my Check Tests, Standard Checks and Ordit certificates are available for viewing on your 'Free' Assessment Lesson

You can find my registration on the ORDIT register by using my postcode at PR1 4PE


A little bit of advice...

I strongly advise you to take extra care when choosing a trainer because the standards and skills vary widely from one trainer to another. If I was thinking of being an instructor I would definitely not pay any money up front for my training. Once you have parted with your money you have lost the control and if things go wrong you may have great difficulty getting any of your money back. Also make sure you are assessed properly before you embark on your road to become an instructor because not everyone is suitable. Do your research online, look at genuine reviews. You might want to try typing into Google the name of a particular school followed by the words 'training scams' and see if anything comes up about any particular company you are thinking about. 


Here's just a few that made the right choice

Russell learnt how to be a driving instructor at Preston Driving School

Hi my name is Russell Chamberlain and I trained with Iain and became a driving instructor back in 2000. I'm really pleased I chose Iain to train me and I know that if I ever need any help all I need to do is call him. If anyone would like to call me personally they can do so and I'll explain my experience.Thanks for all your help Iain. 

Russell Chamberlain     Mob: 07714 594 337
Link Driving School  (Preston)

Riz now works as a driving instructor with Preston Driving School
Hello Iain I would just like to say a very big thank you for training me to become a driving instructor, it's actually changed my life and I owe you big style. I promise you will certainly like Indian food by the time I've finished with you :)
Thanks again it was great learning with you!!!
Riz     07999555809


Dave trained to be a driving instructor in Preston and now works at Students Driving School in Preston
Hey Iain thank you very much for not only  teaching me to become a driving instructor but also for giving me a new career with Students Driving School in Preston. I was in a bit of a dead end job before I met Iain but now I look forward to going to work, people have even mentioned that I seem to have a permanent smile on my face :)
If anybody want any advice they are welcome to give me a call.
Dave Hodgson   07833655028 

Mike was trained to be an ADI by Iain at Preston Driving Instructor Training Centre

Hi I'm Mike and being an Evertonian I was quite concerned about training with Iain when I suddenly found out he's a life long Liverpool supporter, and believe me he never let me forget it!!!  but seriously he was fantastic and guided me through all the exams. Thanks again Iain
Mike Lyth 07939131504

Trish became a driving instructor after learning how to be a driving instructor at Preston Driving Instructor Training Centre and now works for Students Driving School in Blackpool
Hi Iain I'm only too pleased to be able to write this testimonial. As you know I came to you from another local company who I wasn't 100% happy with, however you took over and got me through my exams. I would really like to say a very big thank you for not only helping me to qualify but also allowing me to work under 'Students' I couldn't be more happier, thanks again. Trish
Trish Holman (Blackpool)  07968443209

Paul was taught how to be a driving instructor in preston at ADI training in Preston
Hi everyone I'm Paul Wilson and I run PLG Driver Training at Walton Le Dale. I thoroughly researched loads of instructor trainers before choosing Iain at Preston Driving School Ltd. Iain was brilliant with me, his training was well structured and thorough which is exactly what I was looking for. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to anyone wishing to train to be an instructor. If I can help anyone they can find me on Facebook at PLG Driver Training.
Thanks again Iain.
Paul Wilson
PLG Driver Training  07972 875913 

Kate became an ADI after being trained by Iain at Driving Instructor Training in Preston

Hi I'm Kate Johnston and I was trained by Iain to become a driving instructor quite a few years ago. My cousin Dave was also trained by him and also works for him now. I would just like to say that Iain has always helped me throughout my career and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him. Just recently I've been concentrating on automatic tuition under Students Driving School, however I have now decided to alter my career and I now work as a Driving Examiner at Preston Driving Test Centre.
Kate Johnston (Driving Examiner - Preston)